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China Earthquake Today Apr 2010

China Earthquake Today Apr 2010
China Earthquake Today Apr 2010 - The china earthquake today was a major natural disaster in the region.

The china earthquake today hit the Chinese province of Qinghai. The earthquake resulted in the death of around four hundred people. The number of injured people is being reported around ten thousand.

The natural disaster has destroyed a massive number of buildings and eliminated the means of communication and transportation in the area. The earthquake that hit the Chinese province of Qinghai was reported to be 7.1 on the rector scale. The first shock was followed by a series of after shocks which varied from 4.8 to 6.3 on the rector scale. The china earthquake today hit the Chinese region of Qinghai in the morning which was the peak time for the children to reach the school. After a conclusion around seventy percent of the schools were destroyed and hundreds of children lost their lives and as still trapped in the rumble.

When the conditions became stable the rescue team started their efforts to save the survivors and provide medical aid. After an estimate of the destruction around ninety percent of the people have lost their homes and are deprived of basic necessities. The real issue is to save the survivors said the government officials and they are making the possible arrangements to save the remaining survivors. The region has a cold temperature at night which might even fall to minus six degrees at night. The government has arranged five thousand tents and fifty thousand blankets to provide the survivors but its still not sufficient.

Update NEWS China Earthquake Today Apr 2010 :
Firefighters search collapsed buildings for victims of the western China earthquake on April 14, 2010, in Qinghai Province's Yushu County (map of China).

Striking at 7:49 a.m., local time, the earthquake had a magnitude of 7.1, according to the state-run China Earthquake Networks Administration. As of midday, eastern time, at least 400 earthquake victims are believed dead and an additional 10,000 injured, according to Chinese state media.

The strong earthquake today was one of six magnitude 5 or higher quakes to strike along the Longmenshan fault system in Qinghai within three hours, the U.S. Geological Survey reported—the strongest such showing since 1976.

The same fault system spawned a magnitude 7.8 earthquake in May 2008, but in neighboring Sichuan Province. (See pictures of the 2008 China earthquake aftermath.) Sichuan is much more populous than Qinghai and, partly as a result, saw earthquake fatalities approaching 90,000. (See "China Earthquake Delivered Seismic One-Two Punch" [2008].)

Both major earthquakes were symptoms of India's ongoing, slow-motion collision with Asia, which gave rise to the Himalaya. In Qinghai, the two tectonic plates slide against each other, while in Sichuan, the Indian plate dives beneath its vast Asian counterpart (more on plate tectonics).

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