Minggu, 14 Maret 2010

Amazon.com Books

The day after Amazon.com abruptly terminated its Associates Program in Colorado, the Amazon.com BooksColorado chapter of the advocacy group ProgressNow, announced, “We won’t be bullied.”

The group called on its 200,000 members to boycott Amazon.com, claiming that Amazon’s action was just a stunt to deprive Colorado of much needed revenue and protect Amazon.com from competition: “After profiting from millions of dollars in tax-free sales to Colorado residents for years, Amazon.com is determined to protect their unfair advantage over local brick-and-mortar retailers.” Related Posts E-Boks : Amazon Removes Macmillan Books Kindle Books : Amazon launches free Kindle app for Blackberry E-Books : Macmillan Books Coming Back to Amazon E-Books Market : Amazon deletes a 6th of its catalogue in book price barney Online Business – Amazon.com drops Colorado retailers after tax law enacted E-book Market : Higher Amazon e-book prices expected to coincide with iPad launch With the Nook e-book reader

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